Welcome to Understanding Wellness!

Welcome to our new blog: Understanding Wellness. You may have noticed that we have changed the name of our clinic, but rest assured that we are the same great team and have even welcomed a new member to our clinic. We encourage you to look at the updated bios of all of our clinicians.

At Fenwick Psychology and Wellness Associates we continue to be committed to offering dedicated service to our clients and referral sources. Our new blog is part of this service, the goal is to offer insights that can support you in making positive changes in your life. We aim to help you make sense of how the brain works and how the things that we think and do affect our lives. The information that you will find here is grounded in research and evidence based therapeutic approaches.

While we hope that this blog will be helpful, it is not meant to replace therapy. If you are inspired by a post to try something different, please only continue if it feels right for you. Further, if you are currently engaged in one-on-one or group therapy, it may be helpful to check with your care provider to see if the changes that you are thinking about fit with your treatment plan.

Thank you for giving us your time and attention, and we hope that you enjoy Understanding Wellness !

Written By- Lori Parker, Registered Psychologist