Finding Sunshine Series: List Of Joy

Did you know that people who report feeling happy more often than not practice happiness on purpose?

We can all experiment with adding something pleasant or even joyful into our day.  It can be helpful to start a list made up of:

•small, easy things that you can do by yourself

•bigger things that you have to plan.

Pick something from your list each day, give it a try and keep on the look out for more things to add to this list.  Here is a small portion of mine. 


List of Joy:

1. Make a snowman

2. Listen to The Vinyl Cafe

3. Sing like no one is listening

4. Dance to the Gypsy Kings

5. Go beachcombing

6. Try a new food

7. Walk down a different street

8. Do a crossword

9. Work on a puzzle

Think back to things that you used to do that were fun as a kid and what about those things you would like to try again. Have fun. Play a little.  Sometimes all we need is a little break to bring light into our day.

Lori Parker, M.A. Registered Psychologist